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HOW it works

TheAirPoint is a platform created by skydivers for skydivers. In the ever increasing world of organised events, boogies, skills camps and tunnel camps we have seen the organisation these events usually involves different systems from person to person, manual bank transfers, and untidy spreadsheets to track attendees.

On the flipside regular jumpers have often struggled to know where to find events to match their skill level, with no one centralised database of events or organisers.

With TheAirPoint jumpers can search and register for events, buy tickets in any currency with any credit or debit card and get an immediate confirmation and unique ticket for the event. Jumpers also have their own profile, with all the details organisers usually ask for attached. This means no more repeating yourself on Google Forms everytime you want to sign up to an event. Oh, and if you wish you can choose to get automatic email updates about important things like your reserve or membership expiring so you will never turn up to flightline unprepared.

If you are a well established or hot up-and-coming organiser, a social dropzone or a tunnel coach, you can sign up as an organiser profile (subject to our rules on who can become an organiser) and use TheAirPoint system to create events, add different tickets for an event, accept payments by any debit or credit card, track who is attenting including details about each attendee which will help you plan your organising / coaching properly and track your event revenues over time. After each event runs you will receive your total revenues as one single bank transfer. We guarantee local bank transfers in the following currencies: GBP, USD, AUD, EUR which means your transfer will be free of charge. For bank accounts in other currencies we cannot guarantee any additional fees or conversion rates your bank might charge for a non-local transfer.